Hoof Assessment and Barefoot Care

We offer hoof health consultations to assess the current condition of your horse's hooves, and then develop recovery plans for you and/or support your farrier and vet. We also provide barefoot trimming workshops, seminars & clinics, and hoof care locally in Ontario. We have a certified member of Progressive Hoof Care Practitioners , Canadian Equine Hoof Care Association and Barefoot Horse Canada on-site with OnTotalWellness. 

A barefoot trim that follows the natural growth and guidelines of the hoof simply encourages development in correct balance. Regardless of sport or recreation you do with your horse, healthy hooves ensure them a long and resilient career. Barefoot horses can jump, barrel race, cut cows and do dressage at least as well as shod, if not better! 

An experienced and educated trimmer knows how to read the hoof. The hoof is the window to the horse's overall health. We understand how to read the live sole and the healing angles of the hoof; and we respect the horse's instinctive needs which support healthy growth. This is how soundness is achieved in each horse.  A balanced, barefoot trim is an important part of optimal health. We also utilize hoof boots, therapeutic pads, etc during rehabilitative work. Contact us today to book a hoof health consultation which includes coaching support.


Please contact us for packages available, or to book a hoof boot fitting. We are presently fitting the Scoot Boot and Cavallo brands.