Welcome to the Horse Shop! Whether you are looking to provide your horse with improved nutrition or you have a challenging health condition to solve, you can find it here.  By embracing all aspects of holistic horse health including diet, natural horse-keeping, exercise, and hoof care we know that nutritional, homeopathic, and herbal supplements are absolutely necessary to restore good health. Riva’s Remedies has spent the last twenty years helping thousands of horse owners all over the world resolve the toughest conditions, many of which were deemed as lost causes, so together we know what it takes to get your horse’s health back on track. It is with this experience, that they have been able to perfect every single formula to do exactly what your horse needs it to. As committed and dedicated horse owners we all love our horses and want to give them the most natural and effective solutions available. We are here to help you do just that. This wide selection of products is made with the highest quality ingredients available and has delivered amazing results time and time again. May your horses live, long, happy and healthy lives doing all the things that you both love to do.