Ontario Distributor of Rivas Remedies

We carry the entire horse catalog and pet catalog, available to ship directly to your home, or you can come pick up what you need by appointment locally in Ontario.

Just like our human food, horse, dog and cat food is also affected by over-fertilization, pesticides, high sugar, high protein, high fat and over-processing. And that makes it difficult to be nourished by food alone. These factors (combined with lack of exercise, aging, toxic medications and stress) deplete nutrients.

The modern lifestyle for domestic animals has not only affected their nutrition but has caused increasing levels of toxicity and serious diseases in epidemic proportions.

This is why Rivas Remedies formulated a complete selection of nutritional supplements and natural remedies that have proven themselves time and time again to bring animals back to optimal health. OnTotalWellness is proud to distribute a profoundly high quality line of horse & pet supplements in Ontario.